AILN at Vines Festival at Trout Lake August 18, 2018


We embarked on a voyage of discovery.

Moored beside Trout Lake, our woven skeletal vessel form of local willow branches awaited intervention.  Nicole Dextras, Fae Logie and Robin Ripley, three members of the collective, continued the network’s tradition of working with natural and repurposed materials to engage with the landscape.

During the day of the Vines Festival, AILN collaborated with the festival participants to activate the landlocked ‘Relic’.  Resembling the prow of a boat, the sculpture took on a new life with elaborate ‘portholes’ defining the gunwales. Others creations were suspended from a near by tree, catching the breeze off the lake.

vines 6

vines 10Vines 2

vines 7

vines 5


vines 4

vines 8

vines 9

vines 12

vines 13


Vines 1