‘ENGAGEMEANT’ Silent Auction

As part of this collaborative project, the nine of us got together one day to make small works that could hang on the wall.  We settled on a format of 12 x 12 inches (though a few varied off course), using wood, cork, paper, netting, found boxes, and plastic as various backings.  Each bought materials, found objects, stencils, paints, glue, wire, tape.  The idea was to begin on a selected base, then leave it for someone else to continue or finish.

Poceeds are in support of Art in Land Network’s (AILN) upcoming project CONDUIT at the Dr. Sun Yat Sen Park.

Some of the results are as follows:

Silent auctioj final

Engagement sil auc det 5a

Engagement sil auc det 6a ENG WEB SA DET Engagement sil auc det 4a Engagement sil auc det 3aEngagement sil auc det 2