art (IS)LAND exhibition



September 8 – 18, 2011 – Images of Works

The Art Is Land Network (AILN) temporary land art works are installed on Granville Island, working  simultaneously under the theme of:  the island as microcosm of the world.

AILN recognizes the First Nation Peoples who first occupied this fertile fishing ground, more recent inhabitants engaged in boat building and other industries crucial to the Island today, and those who come to explore the island and its wealth of recreational and cultural activities. Mindful of site, local history and nature, AILN employs natural or repurposed materials in pursuit of artwork responsive to its environment.

Stream by Nicole Dextras

Dry Dock by Sharon Kallis

Connected by Pierre Leichner

Clam Line by Fae Logie

Circumnavigator by Fae Logie and Tiki Mulvihill

Detritus by Tiki Mulvihill

Flotilla by Haruko Okano

Cache by Robin Ripley








Samara by Robin Ripley

Just Add Water by Shirley Wiebe