Image Gallery

site-specific installationEast West Fir 2010, Nicole Dextrassite-specific installationCulture 2008, Nicole Dextras
site-specific installationBarraca de Vinga 2010, Sharon Kallis
Chief 1, Pierre Leichner

stitch in time 2005, Fae Logie
site-specific installationNurse Cabinet 2011, Fae Logie
Audio installationEpicentre 2010, Tiki Mulvihill
installationFire Successional 2010, Tiki Mulvihill
viewer interactive, kinetic installation
Solace 2004, Haruko Okano
Forever 2003, Haruko Okano
Forever 2003, close up, Haruko Okano
site-specific installationCorinthian 2010, Robin Ripley
Aspen by Robin Ripley
Aspen (detail of Threnody Installation 2009), Robin Ripley
Shrine to Honour the Dead 2001 to present (All Souls at Mountain View Cemetery), Marina Szijarto
Layrinth at A Midsummer Fete 2009 to present (Colony Farm Provincial Park), Marina Szijarto
Ramshackle 2011, Shirley Wiebe
site-specific installationCozy 2009, Shirley Wiebe